Character Dialogue
Merlin: Hmm, it's springtime here in the kingdom, yet, this kingdom's empty of forest animals...
Merlin: Perhaps we fix this problem right away!
Merlin: In fact, why not welcome someone who is familiar with the Spring season?

Welcome a FawnEdit

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Bambi: Welcome Bambi. 60m XP: 5, Butterfly Coins: 50
Character Dialogue
Bambi: Huh...? Where am I? And why am I a fawn again?
Bambi: Oh, right... The kingdom is under a curse, so perhaps it regressed me back into a fawn.
Bambi: Oh, well. At least I'm still here, safe and sound!
Bambi: Just wait 'til my friends hears that I'm helping to restore the kingdom from the HORRIBLE curse!

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